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Can You Live a Life of Surrender?

by Feb. 22, 2022, 3:55 p.m.

Can you live a life of surrender, around every outcome?

When you make a vision board of all the things you want this year,
& then some of your favorite people & things start to fall away..
Can you smile thru the pain & know that space is being made?

When you pray to become successful at one of your passions,
& then it crumbles & you have to start anew…
Can you say thank you & trust the process too?

When you beg your partner to join a men’s group, do inner work, & step on to a spiritual path..
But then it leads him to a place where you’re no longer right for him….
Can you smile thru the pain & know that he still grew?

When you start to change your relationship with money,
& instead of becoming richer your bank account empties…
Can you thank the karma for clearing & trust you’ll be ok? Putting your hand on your belly & being present with the anxiety…

When you speak your pain to someone who hurt you,
& they deny that it happened…
Can you forgive them anyways & know that’s their survival, & hold a tender space for yourself then.. with out the validation?

When you take some plant medicine, asking to step more in to your light body..
Thinking it will feel wonderful, but instead you have to purge & go thru so much darkness & pain & muck in order to do so,
Can you come back & sit a 2nd night & trust Spirit knows what’s best?

When there’s division around you on every political & medical stance, can you not dehumanize the “other”, & trust that at a deeper level, their soul knows what it’s doing, & made this choice long ago?

Can you continue to love the questions, when answers still won’t seem to come? To turn them in to song…

To see the cosmic giggle, & to somehow laugh along?

Can you live a life of surrender, around every outcome?

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