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Uploading Lyrics/Biography

Uploading & Selling

This tutorial has a well explained guide on how to upload Lyrics and Biography on your Computer and mobile phone. Below are the steps:

1) Uploading Lyrics/Biography on phone and computer

- Go to my studio 

- Click on "New upload

- Choose a category of the content as shown on the image below:

For Lyrics choose Lyrics

And for Biography choose Biography as shown below:


- The the upload form will appear fill it in. The main information consists of upload name, upload cover image, description and albumCooldo- After the upload form is filled in click on Upload button. Note that after you click on Upload button then your it will go to the staff team for approval but if you are a well known public figure you can request for a blue badge verification. Which means after your account is blue badge verified you will be able to submit your uploads or sell without our approval and without any waiting time.

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