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Creating a playlist

Uploading & Selling

This tutorial has the detailed information on how to create a playlist on Nyimboo. Below are the steps:

- Go to My studio

- Click on My playlists, the playlists of a logged in user will show

- For Mobile users click on menu and then navigate to My playlists

- Click on Create playlist, a pop modal will show. 

- Fill it in with the playlist infomation

Step to add songs on playlist

- A recent added playlist will show on the playlist list

- To add songs click on a playlist

- Scroll down to songs list

- Click on Add song button

A pop up modal will show

- Search for an already uploaded song. Note that before this step make sure that an you have already upload an audio song

- Next once a searched audio song is found click on Add button as shown on an image below:

Congratulations, you have now created a Playlist and added some Songs to it.

More useful information

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